Selections for September 2017

You’re Welcome!

2014 TRITON MENCIA – Bierzo, Spain

Jorge Ordonez found you this wine. 

He is the Spanish wine importer determined to please the casual consumer’s palate with less classical, more fruit-forward offerings from his native land.  All that he imports is impressively ripe, well-endowed in texture, and well-valued.  The People understand his wines.  “¡Muchas gracias, Jorge!”

Lisa grabbed you this wine. 

She’s one of our fave wine reps, always trying to find us a deal from her portfolio.  Several weeks ago she was trolling her company’s list of closeouts and tripped over this.  Triton was discounted, dramatically enough to get it into your club.  At its original price it might have only qualified for our Wine Adventurers Club budget.  Spying the new price, she quickly got us a bottle to taste.  “Thank you, Lisa!” 

The Wine Steward chose you this wine. 

When that sample bottle landed we eyed it suspiciously:  Why was this wine all of a sudden so much cheaper?  Was it over the hill?  Was it never actually very good?  We uncorked and tasted it and really LIKED it, concluding that this wine’s only issue is its grape.  Here is Mencia.  Ever heard of it?  Probably not!  Your Spain Wine 101 Class certainly got you up on Tempranillo along with Garnacha and Monastrell, but Mencia?  Most of you don’t know it.  The few who do know that its attempts are many and successes are few.  Mencia is grown in “Green Spain” – Galicia, that is – in its sub-region of Bierzo.  The grape has great possibilities but is also fraught with a tendency:  Reduction.  This Triton shows no sign of that.  Big and gentle, with easy plummy-ness and endearing spice; this is a great wine find.   – and “You’re welcome!”

 - The Wine Steward.    

 Fun & Flashy

2016 LOVO ‘Blossom Rosso’ – Veneto, Italy

This super-scented, forward-fruited wine with just the right amount of snappy grip is composed of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Cabernet Franc.  Is it like any other similarly-blended wine you’ve ever tasted?  Probably not.  When has such youthful jammy-ness and nearly-ridiculous florality ever so intruded upon your senses?

We hope it is a HAPPY intrusion.  Winemaker Salvatore Lovo loves his clean, bright red wines.  He takes after his unforgettable father, Vittorio, a WWII veteran who had a sip of light-bodied rosso from his personal “tank” every evening after working in the fields.  With notes of violets, sage, and gentle brown sugar, this low-alcohol red is perfect served with a slight chill for summer sipping, or even with turkey in the winter!

You are among few Californians to see this.  It is one of those “pre-order” wines we arranged with Small Vineyards Importer Tom Kelly, and when it’s gone it’s REALLY gone!  . . . Better stock up for Thanksgiving!