Selections for March 2017

We scored and so do you!


There would be no possibility of squeezing this month’s two offerings into the Tuesday Night Wine Club budget without some great support from our providers of these wines.  The Wine Steward is always on the lookout for a deal WHEN a particular wine’s quality motivates the effort.  Another wine we admired, Girard Old Vines Zinfandel, was bought for the California Wine Lovers Club as a combo purchase with this Kunde, and the volume buy provided very accommodating wholesale prices.  We have been clever on your behalf.

- But the itself wine had to work for us, and having careful tasted the whole Kunde lineup we settled on this Cabernet (you should also try their Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc of which we took a few cases).  The bottle of 2013 on my desk was actually opened two days ago and it’s tasting fantastic even now.  Soothing black cherries and blackberries plus chocolatey sweet, dark earth happen in perfect amounts, in all the right places.  If it can still say all that two days later, I’d submit you could stock up to be drinking it for at least the next two years – and you can’t say that about very many “affordable” California reds!

If ever there was a wine that should prove popular with Tuesday Night Club members based on popularity of varietal and value to boot, this beautiful red from a longtime Sonoma Valley inhabitant is it!

Just as delicious, if far less known (but that’s why you’re in a TWS club, right?!)

2014 ODOARDI – Savuto, Calabria, Italy

In my nose:  Smoky plums.  Grilled sourdough bread.  Musky herbs.  In my mouth:  Juicy cherries.  Vanilla.  The delicate grip of dry earth along with a finish of endearing gameyness.  And what’s doing all that?  The combination of five different grapes, of which you’re (maybe) familiar with one:  45% Gaglioppo, 25% Aglianico, 20% Magliocco Camino, 5% Greco Nero, and 5% Nerello Cappuccio. 

Wine Spectator, calling this a $17 wine, provides different descriptors:

“Leather, smoke and black olive notes are layered with boysenberry coulis and cocoa powder flavors in this elegant red. Medium-bodied and silky in texture, with fine-grained tannins showing on the minerally finish.”

. . . and confers a respectable-for-price rating of 89 points.

Like nearly all Italian wines, this will shine most brightly with food.  While medium in body, I think its abundance of character will stand up to eggplant parmesan, pork chops, or a richly-laden pizza.