Selections for June 2017

People pleasin’ stuffe!


Tuesday Night Club members, you have been profiled.  Perhaps it’s not fair to cram the whole group into one wine-preferring compartment, but it seems you generally like a more extroverted, flamboyantly-fruited wine like this.

Here is Punto Final Cabernet, which also includes 10% Cabernet Franc.  I think that addition is detectable via the bell peppery fun in the nose.  Cab Franc, as grown in Argentina, is also recognized for gently “feminizing” Cabernet Sauvignon’s masculine aggressiveness of texture.  Certainly, this big wine is more smooth than it would be without the Franc.

Is a richer, more heated red a proper summer selection?  Good question.  I personally veer toward delicate, chillable red wines on warm summer nights, or forsake that wine color entirely in favor of dry rosé or white- or beer.  – But what about barbecue?  The sweetness of baby back pork ribs?  This, my friends, is the sauce!   

Chunky fruit!

2015 ASTRUC MALBEC – Pays d’Oc (Languedoc), France

This comes from a big winery which – in spite of its size or because of it - manages to do everything right and at a very good price.  Astruc’s Viognier and Marsanne are varietally-correct yet resist over-done-ness.  Their generous Reserve Chardonnay is a good replacement for the J Lohr we used to carry here.   . . . And this must be at least the fifth iteration of Malbec we’ve shown from them.

Southern French Malbec sees the most attention from Cahors (not too far from here) and we’re showing the Wine Adventurer’s Club a fine example of that this month.  For YOU we defer to both a lower price and a slightly kinder, more gentle Malbec.  The place-honest dark earthiness is still rumbling around in the nose, but the fruit is more youthful and pronounced.  Customers in the market for $10 Cabernet will recognize a very good alternative here.

Pair this with rich meat dishes, pasta Bolognese, or ripe cheeses.  . . . and get back in here for more of this nice wine.. - And check out the other, aforementioned Astruc values!