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Zoom Tasting: Whoa! Wines - 5 Red Bottles


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These are the 5 bottles you order to participate in our...

Tuesday, July 28 Zoom tasting event (starts at 6pm).

We have 36 "kits" available, and that's it.

Order now. 

Pick up anytime after noon on Friday, July 24. 

We'll "invite" you to the Zoom event one hour before start time.  Open and try the wines with your safely-distanced wine friends while I elaborate on each and attempt to reply to your contributions of questions and (polite) comments. 

Event lasts about an hour.  Order more of what you loved at special pricing, post event. 

The 138.88 price is for non club members. 

Clubbies using their discount code get it for 124.99. 

Full price, if sold separately, amounts to about $148!


The 5 Distinctively Delicious Wines that Made Me Say "Whoa" ...

Domaine des Tines Saint Amour, Beaujolais, France

This is "Cru" Beaujolais, a far cry from that nouveau crap which unfairly gives this region a bad rap.  We recommend a Pinot glass for your sniffing and sipping, and rich proteins like grilled sausages or rotisserie chicken as food partners.


"Tour Rain" from Oregon's Rogue Valley, a crazy cool Gamay / Cabernet Franc combination.

Yeah, you read right:  An Oregon red NOT from the Willamette Valley, NOT made from Pinot Noir, and NOT a thin, insipid wimp.  - Nor is this a "big" red, but it's huge in aromatic expression, and the first of its kind I've ever bought for the store.  I took the risk.  Will you?!


Monje Tradicional from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.  Born on a volcano, and screams so.

Hoo boy, did I over-buy?  So enamored was I with this expressive, volcano-derived red that I bought the last 100 bottles available in the United States.  What a startling nose!  Please prepare this wine with a 15-minute refrigeration.  It will love charcuterie - especially Spanish chorizo or Jamon Serrano! 


Eric Kent "Kalen's" Syrah from Sonoma County - Dark and decadent, with tons of intrigue.

I admire this thoughtful producer and what they do with an expressive and all-too-often walked-by variety, Syrah.  We brave wine warriors will NOT walk by but directly address this deserving grape!!   


The brand new vintage of DeLille 'D2' Bordeaux-style red blend from Washington State.

The inhabitant of many a TWS Red Collector Club pack over the years, here is its latest and well-rated rendition, the 2017 I tasted just last week.  Washington State delivers a lot of kinds of wine greatness.  DeLille is a consistent deliverer of quality from there.  This wine is for now and for ten years from now.


Variety, complexity, and a word or two from this wine lover, including "Whoa!"