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Whoa! Event Food Pack (Discounts for Clubbies)


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A gathering of "Whoa!" edibles selected to accompany your "Whoa!" Event Wines.  You can pick this up along with your wines any time after noon on Friday, July 24.

Here's what we're packing up for you:

Ossau Iraty Cheese:  A small-production Basque treat from the French side of the Pyrenees.  This is delicious semi-hard sheep's milk cheese, nice 'n nutty and bound to make you say "Whoa!" - especially when warmed up to room temperature.

Bergamino di Bufala Cheese, from Lombardy, Italy.  This beauty is "Whoa!"-inducing based on its soft, decadent texture.  How can this bloomy white-rind cheese feel so yummily rich?  It's made entirely of buffalo milk, significantly higher in fat than cow's milk.   

Lomo - Since you're now so well-acquainted with Spain's Jamon Serrano, it's time to say "Whoa!" to Lomo, España-inspired dry-cured pork loin.  This tasty snack is best known at room temperature, if you please!

Rustic Bakery Crackers - Always a great platform for all these other flavors.

Torres Potato Chips - From Barcelona, this time we're nudging you away from your addiction to their black truffle variety.  Now you're getting the Mediterranean Herb version!