San Felice: A Tuscany Exploration!


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The Wines of San Felice in Tuscany, Italy!

$45 per person

Wednesday, June 29 at 6pm

Warm summer nights invoke the mood for Sangiovese, whether 'Gran Selezzione Chianti' or 'Brunello di Montalcino' or . . . 

SAN FELICE is no tiny producer but they're a quality-obsessed one.  I wholeheartedly endorse virtually all they do in Tuscany, up and down their impressive tiers of price point.  One could call this event "A Sangiovese Immersion" but other grapes will also be referenced.

The North and South America Ambassador for San Felice himself, Francesco Riviera, is heading up from L.A. to represent these to you lucky few.

Besides the House-Made Bread, this event - like no other - will appreciate your ordering the specially-designed Italian Cheese & Salumi Platter to go along.