NEW PRICE: Paul Bullard, Julia Martinelli, & Michael Trujillo Visit TWS!

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Who are these people??  SOME of you know.  MORE of you SHOULD.

Paul Bullard is a great finder and teacher of wine.  He has held court on our mezzanine several times in the past, always showing an array of distinctively delicious wines from here and abroad.  "Will there be Champagne?"  Almost certainly.  "Great Napa Cab?"  By all means.  "Russian River goodness?"  Yep, and all will be adroitly explained.

- And this time TWO luminaries of wine production join Paul "on stage."  None other than Julianna Martinelli of iconic Martinelli Vineyards will represent her wines to you.  Michael Trujillo will also visit to show his namesake Cabernet, always a thing of beauty.  We're honored to have them both.

What's especially cool about this event is its diversity; a range of wine goodness sure to be savored by true lovers of the subject!      

6:30 to 8:30-ish on Wednesday, May 8 at The Wine Steward - 641 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA

Now just $20 (no longer $35) per attendee

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