Flying Scotsman / El Escocés Volante 3-Pack


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Our take of these small-production wines from halfway around the world is so limited we feel it's best to "bundle" so the truly interested will enjoy an immersion into a great wine region rendered by a thoughtful winemaker.

With all three wines we're dragging you to the backwater region of Calatayud, Spain.  This place produced serviceable vinos for the locals for decades / centuries until, more recently, a few importers partnered with cooperatives to generate very solid and affordable GARNACHA for the international wine audience.  In our own little way, The Wine Steward has participated at this level.

Personally, though, I've always yearned for better from here, having first visited the remote area in 2005 and returning several times thence.  The so-called "raw material" of old Garnacha vines and an accommodating environment deserved the attention of a globally-aware winemaker.  Turns out, my Calatayud dream was already being realized in the person of Norrel Robertson.

I haven't met him.  I hope that when I do, I don't hate him.  - Because he's fulfilling my fantasy with his own - and I want to at least hitch a ride. 

As I've read, Norrel graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a Politics and International Relations degree, but was simultaneously infected by the wine virus par his job at a local shop.  Off he goes to several corners of the globe to render grape juice into something more fun.  Tuscany, Chile, Loire, etc. clambered onto his resumé.  Then, (why not?), Norrel pursued the almighty Master of Wine degree and attained that.  THEN, he's in Christchurch, New Zealand for postgraduate winemaking studies.  Achieving that certificate, He's settling down in a place he noticed somewhere along the way (I'd love to know when):  Calatayud, Spain. 

That bastard.  He took my job.

This 3-pack consists of a Garnacha, a mostly-Syrah, and a mostly-Garnacha inviting some friends to the party.  If you're looking for slutty bombast, please read up a paragraph or two to remember the background:  A true "Master" of wine seeks balance and elegance, as said by a PLACE.  Norrel isn't releasing a Spanish "Prisoner". 

If I write any more I'm losing money on this enterprise.  I'd rather be buying a row or two of Garnacha vines in Cervera de la Cañada, Calatayud.  The fact is, beyond the novelty of story and rarity of the small production wines, there is beautiful, deftly-applied-to-the-palate red wine happening here. 

'Nuff said.