2018 Domaine du Mas des Tines Saint Amour 750ml


The producer name is Jeremie Giloux, just to add more mysterious names to this WTF? wine.  But let's be nicer:  "Saint Amour" is one of the ten "Cru's" of Beaujolais, certifying the grape at play to be Gamay.  This is beautiful; a carelessly profound reply to Burgundy's Pinot Noir that simply won't perform as well at the same budget.  Rotisserie chicken and / or grilled sausages would kill it here.  Serve a little cool.  Pour into a Pinot glass.  Sip it with a sundress on, whomever you are.  Let a strap wander off one shoulder.  Share knowing smiles with your dining partner.  Are you both wearing sundresses??