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The Winemakers of Sans Liege, Herman Story, & Desparada


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For the first 42 to RSVP::

We are honored to host not one, but THREE rock star winemakers of the Central Coast!

Curt Schalchlin of Sans Liege, Russell From of Herman Story, and Vailia From of Desparada will ALL present their wines on our mezzanine!  Each has garnered accolades and ratings for their flavorful bottlings, and the gathering of all three at one time is an unprecedented feat!

This is yet another sit-down, presentation-style tasting / sales event of The Wine Steward; our very best way of showing you great wine.  


6:30 to 8:30-ish on Wednesday, April 17 at The Wine Steward - 641 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA

$30 per attendee

Special Event Pricing on Orders Submitted on This Special Night