Astarbe Byhur BN Cider 24 Month 750ml btl


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Basque Country, Spain      ABV 8%

Astarbe, Mendiola and another local apple varieties. Méthode traditionnelle, aged for 12 months in  wooden casks or ‘kupelas’. ByHur 24 Sparkling Cider is produced using the traditional méthode champenoise. Uncorked and labelled after ageing for 24 month in the “Cava Tolare” cellar.

Intense golden color with a fine, continuous bead. Notes of apple compote, ripe apples and woody notes, together with a light fizzy sensation. A complex cider with a straightforward start and hints of ripe apples. A complex body, both acidic and bitter, which coats the mouth and releases floral notes