Burrata - You all know this Cheese!



This is fresh cheese.  It is flown out of Italy the day it is done processing,  our supplier gets it on Tuesday and we get it on Wednesday.   It is such a delectable delight to dip your cracker into and watch the creamy curd oooze out.     While several chefs adorn Burrata with any number of seasonal ingredients, it is perfect served simply with fruity olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper.  We also love it on our Caprese Salads.  

 Burrata is a modern invention first made in the 1920s in the town of Andria. It was kept quiet as a regional secret until the 1950s when more and more cheesemakers began manufacturing their own. Burrata was largely unknown in the USA until the end of the century, but once Americans tasted the rich, creamy delicacy, its popularity skyrocketed.

Burrata consists of a “shell” of cow’s milk mozzarella surrounding an interior of curd and cream. Mild and milky in flavor, Burrata is a textural experience with the supple outer layer giving way to an intensely creamy and rich interior.