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6-Bottle Rosé Sampler #6!!


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We keep finding new ones for you! 

This delicious selection includes one bottle each of:

Cochon Old Vine Rosé - The highlight of this blend is the 50% Cinsault component - from the oldest Cinsault vineyard in the entire world.  Our friend Adam Webb strikes again!

La Villaudiere Sancerre Rosé - You might have thought Sancerre only came in white, but there are red and pink versions, too, and they use the Pinot Noir grape.  This is vibrant and minerally - one of my faves of the year.

Famille Bourgeois - Also from the Loire Valley, this one's made of the more obscure Pineau d'Aunis.  Hard to pronounce?  No fear:  You'll soon master the talent of sipping it!

La Crema Brut Rosé - We are getting brave two ways here by introducing you to a small production beauty by a very well-known producer AND by putting a sparkling wine in this "#6" sampler.  I was caught off guard by the quality happening here, and I need you to know about it!

Troupis Moschofilero Rosé - So much fun happens here:  Moschofilero is Greece's white grape with a light pink skin, and therefore capable of rendering white OR delicately pink wine.  That, AND this one comes in a ONE-LITER bottle, providing an extra glass of the minerally juice. 

Figuière Mediterranée Rosé - . . . And we finish with a very classical dry pink experience:  Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Cabernet join forces in this delicately-fruited South of France beauty.