6-Bottle Futures Pack of 2021 Domaine des Plus de Vie



We announce, with trembling fingers, the return of The Wine Steward's own Domaine des Plus de Vie Red!! 

At this writing, the grapes for our occasionally-made proprietary wine were picked TWO NIGHTS AGO.  That means we'll have the final wine to you in about a year and a half. 

"What?  Where?"  We have accessed 1.5 precious tons from dry-farmed, own-rooted Carignan and Mourvèdre vines in Oakley.  At over a century old, these are some of California's most ancient vines! 

We are making 100 cases of this 2021 "PdV," and RIGHT NOW we're making 25 of those available in 6-bottle lots at a lower "futures" price.  When those 25 are sold we close the program, selling the rest upon release at the regular price.

The grower wants his grapes paid for NOW.  The winery is charging us up front for their services.  How do we thank you for buying some ahead of time?  With a much better price.

Upon release this will retail for $27.  Pre-order 6 bottles for 126.65 - AND THAT'S DISCOUNTABLE FOR WINE CLUB MEMBERS USING THEIR CLUB CODE, MAKING THIS 18.99 PER BOTTLE.