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6-Bottle Dry Rosé Sampler #5!


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All fresh 2019's!  Includes one bottle each of:

Pasaeli 'Seahorse' Rosé from Turkey, made from the Calkarasi grape.  Sounds scary, tastes familiar and delicious!

Azul y Garanza Rosado from Navarra, Spain.  The one-liter bottle gets you an extra glass of wine.  100% Garnacha, with an emphasis on CHERRY.

Bedrock 'Ode to Lulu' Rosé.  Inspired by Bandol's Domaine Tempier, a Mourvèdre-oriented dry pink with layers of flavor, utilizing some of California's oldest vines.

Fabre en Provence Rosé.  More deeply-flavored than the typical Provençal pink.  Classy stuffe in a curvaceous bottle!

La Bernarde Rosé.  Another visitor from Provence that's a bit more delicate and evasive.  Bitchin' label, too!

Clos des Lumieres 'Eclipse' Rosé.  From France's Languedoc, this is made from Pinot Gris.  Velvety and discreet!