2015 The Temp Gran Reserva!



Longtime club members will recognize this 2015 Tempranillo’s label as something we “clubbed” and continued to effectively sell until our friend, winemaker/proprietor Adam Webb, had finally sold out. 

NOW, please examine the label more carefully: 

This is a GRAN Reserva. 

AND, check out the fine print on the back label: 

This wine was done entirely for us. 

Backstory:  Adam loved his 2015 Reserva and, like hiding Monopoly money from yourself, “forgot” he left one barrel unbottled.  After more than FIVE years in oak he rediscovered this, poured us a sample, and had us groveling and pleading:  “May we PLEASE buy the whole barrel???!!!”  Adam anticipated this meltdown and was ready with his affirming reply.   

     This 2015 GRAN Reserva was bottled three weeks ago, landed here one week ago, is on our WineBar menu this weekend, is destined for our California Wine Lovers Club, and may never actually get there.  With just one barrel’s worth of wine (24 cases) you with fond memories of the “Reserva” bottling  may destroy the inventory in the meantime.  I would not be surprised to see that happen.  Smooooth, sexy, sultry, mellow, haunting, satisfying, and EXCLUSIVE!!!