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        Cufflinks White - Napa Valley 750ml

        Here's a very smart, vibrant white closely resembling a classic white Bordeaux, made mostly from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, with minor roles by Ribolla Gialla and Chardonnay.  If any oak was...

        2019 Post & Beam Chardonnay 750ml

        As the label design suggests, this is a new project from our Far Niente / Nickel & Nickel friends.  The Chardonnay (the wine itself) also bears a family resemblance, classily emphasizing...

        2019 CHENIN by Field Recordings 750ml

        Here's a true-to-varietal California version of TBGITW, as done by a wine dude who's handled the grape longer than most.  Andrew Jones strikes again!

        2017 WALT Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 750ml

        New arrival!  As generous yet as "smart" as their Pinot Noir we also feature.  92 points Wine Enthusiast.

        2019 Honig Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        Tried and true longtime fave using all-Napa fruit.

        2017 Maldonado Napa Valley Chardonnay 750ml

        Elegantly rich, or the other way around.  This is smooth and supple single-vineyard Chardonnay meant to cost more; a TWS bestseller!

        2019 En Route 'Brumaire' Chardonnay 750ml

        Magical Russian River Chardonnay!  Expressive in flavor, long and silky in texture.

        2016 Stonestreet Chardonnay 750ml

        From the mountain ABOVE Alexander Valley comes richness done right, and thoughtfully!

        2018 Romeo Chardonnay 750ml

        Napa Valley fruit rendered very much in the same style as another Chardonnay whose name starts with "R"!

        2017 Antica Chardonnay - Napa Valley 750ml

        Right now, this is my favorite Napa Chardonnay.  From fruit grown on Atlas Peak by the Antinori (of Tuscany, Italy) folks, it is complex and generous and smart in size.  We're...

        2019 Slingshot Sauvignon Blanc - Napa Valley 750ml

        Just released and ready to electrify your palate.  This is a delicious zinger!

        2018 Chalone Chardonnay 750ml

        It used to be great, but then was devoured by an uncaring, brand-barfing industry giant.  Now, acquired once more, it is great again.   ... and the price is virtually what it...

        2019 Penny Royal Farm Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        This is an "offshoot" or "scion" of the Anderson Valley's venerable (and non-retailed) Navarro winery.  It is DELICIOUS with white nectarine and melon fruit.  We are lucky to have it!

        2019 Hitching Post 'Pinks' Rosé 750ml

        A Sideways Country dry rosé utilizing Hitching Post's trademark variety Pinot Noir AND lesser-known Valdiguie.  Tangy-licious!

        2018 Desparada 'Fragment' Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        The flagship wine of Valia From is Sauvignon Blanc?!  Yes, and it is outstanding:  A big step up from "just zingy" to "multi-dimensional" with its nose, flavor, and texture.  Two Santa...

        2019 Unti Rosé 750ml

        Our LAST Rosé selection of 2019 is going to drink beautifully during this fall and winter, including Thanksgiving!  Based on Grenache, with a little help from Mourvedre, this has SUBSTANCE and...

        2019 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        This famous wine is more fleshy in a melon and stone fruit way than the grassy kiwi style.  A pleasure to sip!

        2018 Chalk Hill Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        We haven't looked at this wine in years, and when we finally did the impression was strong!  Here is extremely elegant and flavorful Sauvignon Blanc behaving more expensively.  We urge you...

        2019 Big White House Roussanne 750ml

        An admirable achievement of a hard-to-find Rhone varietal, this Livermore Valley winery made just a little, sourced from the Ripken Vineyard.  Roussanne done right!

        2018 Hahn 'SLH' Chardonnay 750ml

        Very forward with its rich tropical fruit along with a pleasing grilled peach aspect and ending with endearing vanilla memories.  Quite yummy.

        2017 Dobbes Grenache Blanc 750ml

        This is seriously great white wine from Oregon's Rogue Valley!  We recommend pork roast or roast turkey to honor this new arrival.

        2019 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris 750ml

        Delightfully rounded, amply-fruited Oregon Pinot Gris the way they used to be!

        2018 Freeman Chardonnay Hawk Hill 750ml

        This Sonoma Coast beauty honors Chablis with its delicious yet evasive restraint.  Some people buy up for bigger.  Others hope for THIS!

        2018 Chalone Vineyard Chenin Blanc 750ml

        From the estate's oldest (100 year old?) head-pruned vines, grown high above the Salinas Valley in this hallowed place near The Pinnacles, comes a less-than-200-case-production icon wine.  We haven't accessed this...

        2019 Ryan Patrick Pinot Grigio 750ml

        This Washington State sipper pushes all the right buttons.  Stone fruit and nice minerality happen in the correct proportions.  A new one for us, that's sure to appease!

        2018 Sean Minor SONOMA COAST Chardonnay 750ml

        The only problem with this wine is the possible confusion between it and its little, less-pricey brother.  THIS Sean Minor Chardonnay - still affordable - is worth the buy up for...

        2019 Kistler 'Noisetiers' Chardonnay 750ml

        Benchmark beauty not always easily-obtained in the retail world, we're lucky to have this for a short time!

        2019 Valravn Sonoma County Chardonnay 750ml

        Bright and flavorful, this is an elegant "stylistic fence straddler" from the same folks who make one of our best-selling Pinots.

        2018 Averaen Riesling from Oregon 750ml

        Bright and vibrant and dry.  Lots of citrus zest, lychee, and refreshing minerality happen in this Eola-Amity Hills project from the makers of Valravn.  Got sushi?!

        2018 Oakville Ranch Chardonnay 750ml

        Small production.  Astounding complexity and length.  We are very lucky to have it.

        2015 Six Peaks Blanc de Noir Brut 750ml

        Made entirely of Oregon Pinot Noir, this is QUALITY sparkling wine that rivals Champagne.  A very big surprise to our palates!

        2014 Saxon Brown Green Acre Hill (Sangiacomo) Carneros Chardonnay 750ml

        Jeff Gaffner released it late to demonstrate how well it ages! Folks, this is lovely "Phase II" Chardonnay you deserve to know. Energetic fruit is now joined by hazelnut and brioche....

        2019 Bokisch Albarino

        How on earth does the varietal flourishing on Spain's misty-cool Galician coast also perform in rather warmer, not-so-coastal Lodi??  It does, in the apt hands of Bokisch, so I'll question no...

        2019 Romeo Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

        From the makers of our highly-successful Sempre Vive Cabernet comes a fresh white perfectly exemplifying the stone fruit and sass of Sauvignon Blanc!