Charles Chocolate Bars


Strawberry Bar Ruby Cacao 100gStrawberry Bar Ruby Cacao 100g
Tres Cojones Bar (Triple Nut Bar) 100gTres Cojones Bar (Triple Nut Bar) 100g
Peanut Praline Bar 55% Dark Chocolate 100gPeanut Praline Bar 55% Dark Chocolate 100g
Salty-Sweet Pecan Cherry Bar 65% Bittersweet Chocolate 100gSalty-Sweet Pecan Cherry Bar 65% Bittersweet Chocolate 100g
These chocolate bars are made locally in San Francisco.  Everything is made by hand with fresh ingredients and delivered within a few days of their creation. The philosophy has resulted in an obsessive dedication to finding the best chocolates, the finest cream and butter, fresh herbs, fruits and nuts, and not including anything that doesn't belong (preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.).

As a result of their dedication to product first, Charles Chocolates is one of the most acclaimed and award-winning lines of small batch artisan chocolates in the country.
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Strawberry bar ruby cacao 100g, Tres cojones bar (triple nut bar) 100g, Peanut praline bar 55% dark chocolate 100g, Salty-sweet pecan cherry bar 65% bittersweet chocolate 100g