Domaine des Plus-de-Vie Red Wine



Source: San Francisco Bay AVA, California


Jim’s Whims:

The third iteration of “Our Baby”!!  I personally tended much of the Livermore Valley Grenache and Syrah landing in this blend, and the major player is Oakley-sourced Mourvèdre coming from 100+ year-old vines surviving on their own roots in phylloxera-resistant delta sand.   Mourvèdre’s musky leaf pile scents are complemented by raspberries, blood oranges, and pomegranates.  The palate is super mellow and broad, though not obviously alcoholic.  Amid the breadth there’s an energy, perhaps from our inviting ambient yeasts to the fermentation - and our keeping the wine in oversized casks for a mere nine-month nap.  Complex yet reassuringly apparent – and suave.

 Accolades: We can’t shut up about it!