2016 Kitson Pinot Noir



Source: North Coast, California

 Jim’s Whims:

Seductive wine descriptors are a necessary function of our biz, but are too often seized and misused by tricksters in the trade.  “Restrained” can be a cover for “wimpy”.  “Intense” might obliquely forgive high alcohol.  “Complex” often creatively implies neglectful, flaw-allowing winemaking.  Local winemaker Brad Kitson has fashioned a tiny-production Pinot Noir that’s restrained and FLAVORFUL, intense yet BALANCED, and complex with place and varietal truth – in an admirably-maintained, perfect state of health.  Get in on this praiseworthy red evoking generosity and control.  I’ll say no more. 

 Accolades: The production levels are two low.  – WE advocate this.