2014 The House of Independent Producers (H.I.P.) Cabernet Sauvignon



Jim’s Whims:

This Cab’s label features lots of names yet omits the Hedges Family Estate source, which would be useful for wine lovers respecting that winery’s value of classical and durable.  While ‘H.I.P.’ is a lower-tier bargain, it’s very true to house style.  Firm and structured, this full-flavored red is reticent at first, but the thoughtful swirler and sniffer is rewarded with an ever-expanding expression of affable complexity.  Its need for air means one thing:  Here’s a rare bargain Cab that will age for at least half a decade.  – And our price kills it!

Source: Sagemoor Farms Vineyard, Columbia Valley, Washington State

Accolades: Our house endorsement:  LOAD UP!