Celebrating Difference: A Night of World Class Wines

Celebrating Difference:  A Night of World Class Wines
The other day I enjoyed lunch with a Tuscan producer who makes a delicious Chianti Classico.  This affordable Sangiovese said all the right things about its grape and place.  THEN Jacopo poured his Chianti Classico Gran Selezione.  The difference between this wine and the first was significant.  Our discussion of the 'Gran Selezione' category was important.  The directive to Yours Truly was soon apparent:  Here was a pair of wines that should be tasted and talked about next Wednesday night.
Two days ago I tasted several vintages and two quality tiers from vaunted Chateau Haut-Bailly in Bordeaux's Pessac Leognan sub-region.  I knew there was an event wine among these, then realized, "Wouldn't we better understand this house and its region by trying TWO different vintages?"     
Then came an appointment involving the wines of Bedrock by Morgan Twain-Peterson.  Here is a great maker we've never represented in an event; we simply never had the theme to support it.  So . . . (getting the idea?!).
As next week's menu clarifies and develops I'm realizing many of the great wine topics will be tasted two ways.  Certainly, there will be favorites, but the most celebrated idea will be DIFFERENCE!!
My favorite wine events are the ones keeping my mouth "engaged" with a surprising variety of tastes.  Foreign and domestic, delicate and stupendous . . .  At this event where we will pour and discuss each red and white we promise NOTHING WILL TASTE THE SAME!!
This one's for those who share The Wine Steward's sense of wine adventure, and trust our ability to please a lot of different palates.  Do you hear your name being called?  Sign up today!